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Amsterdam Cocktail Workshop

Write your own Cock Tale!

Add this to your bucket list! The perfect activity you need to do once in your lifetime: The Amsterdam Cocktail Workshop! In this one and a half hour workshop, you will learn all the tips and tricks from a professional mixologist. Of course we’ve all done our best to make our own cocktail, but after this festive workshop you’ll learn life lessons that will improve all your future parties!

After you’ve gathered enough knowledge about the do’s and don’ts , you’ll be able to make your own home-made cocktail! Experiment with the different flavors of our large liquor collection and create your own new favorite cocktail. Nothing is too crazy, your glass is your canvas. No cocktail will be lost: you can drink everything you make! Taste the cocktails of the rest of your group and get to know each other’s tastes.

Who can make the best cocktail?

The workshop will be held in the center of Amsterdam, in a cozy cafe. Our professional will dazzle you with the wide range of flavors and also knows how to make your party even more fun. For a party you’re always at the right place, because we have a great atmosphere! It does not matter if you are experienced mixers or not, because everyone gets the help they need. The level of difficulty is as high as you want!

Are you looking for other festive activities in Amsterdam? DamTours offers many more activities on the water or in the city center. Take a look at our activities page for many more fun days out. You can contact us for every type of occasion!

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