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Amsterdam Graffiti Workshop

The Banksy Beat!

From the NDSM shipyard to the artistic, fully painted trains at Amsterdam Central Station: graffiti has become an integral part of Amsterdam’s culture. This beautiful form of creativity is very expressive and can be admired everywhere.

Do you dare to turn yourself into a real graffiti artist for a day? Then the graffiti workshop by DamTours is perfect for you! Without worries of course, because fortunately there is no vandalism in this workshop experience. Lose your creativity in your own masterpiece. During this workshop there is no right or wrong!

Trust your own creativity!

At this workshop DamTours will arrange an experienced graffiti painter to teach you all about this special form of street art. After you have become even more enthusiastic, you can freely decide what kind of creation you want to create. Make sure you don’t put on any new clothes to prevent stains in the clothes.

Whether you want to come alone or let yourself be accompanied by a friend, everyone is welcome! You can also choose your own canvas to work on. Will you go for a piece of stone, concrete, wooden panels or just a piece of canvas? Keep yourself busy for an hour and a half with everything but working within the lines. The crazier, the more original your piece becomes! Afterwards you can take your graffiti work with you to admire at home. Will this be the beginning of your creativity?

Are you looking for other festive activities in Amsterdam? DamTours offers many more activities on the water or in the city center. Take a look at our activities page for many more fun days out. You can contact us for every type of occasion!

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