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Amsterdam Nude Painting Workshop

Hard on painting!

Aren’t you afraid to expose yourself a little? And do you like to express yourself creatively? Then you are at the unique nude painting workshop of DamTours at the right place. Especially if you know how to enjoy yourself in front of a beautiful naked man or woman!

Skip the nature reserves and the pieces of fruit. You are already past the general painting subjects! If you want to take your painting techniques to a higher level, you can perfectly start painting the male body. Afterward, you can look back with pride at your great creation. And be honest, who wouldn’t want to look at an exemplary work of art on your wall?

Who’s the best painter among you?

After you’ve taken your welcome drink, you’re ready to spend an hour concentrating on the beautiful artwork – oh, and your painting, of course. As soon as you’ve taken care of the basics, you can perfect your creation in the second hour. Our nude model is also curious how well you handle your brushes!

Of course, our experienced artist at DamTours will teach you all the basic techniques of drawing with charcoal. After that, you can get to work yourself and let your creativity loose! How accurately can you capture the shapes of the nude model? Compare it with the other fellow artists afterward!

Are you looking for other festive activities in Amsterdam? DamTours offers many more activities on the water or in the city center. Take a look at our activities page for many more fun days out. For every occasion, you can contact us!

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