See the City in a New Light:
DamTours’ Boat Tours Offer Breathtaking Views and Relaxing Rides!

Take a leisurely voyage with us on one of our boat tours. It’s an opportunity to enjoy the city’s picturesque waterways, iconic bridges, and historic buildings from a whole new perspective. Whether it’s a serene, sunlit day or a vibrant, illuminated night, the views from our boat tours are always breathtaking.

Our boat tours not only provide a relaxing alternative to our bicycle tours but also allow you to appreciate the city’s charm and beauty at a more laid-back pace. Sit back, relax, and let the gentle lull of the water carry you through an unforgettable journey of discovery.

Experience the city like never before, from the calm and comfort of our boat tours. Book your voyage with DamTours today!

Boottochten Amsterdam
Boottochten Amsterdam
Boottochten Amsterdam

Party bikes in the Netherlands

Don’t feel like making the trip to Amsterdam? No problemo, because we’re bringing the party straight to you!

Picture this: You and your friends, sipping on ice-cold brews or bubbles, cruising around on your very own beer bike or prosecco bike, wherever and whenever you please. It’s the ultimate way to keep the good times rolling.

And the best part? We’ll come to any city you choose! Just click on the link below to check out all of our wild and crazy options, along with prices that won’t break the bank.

So why wait? Grab your crew and get ready to party like rockstars, without even leaving your own town!


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