Amsterdam Escape Tour

Will you find the secret escape on time?
Duration: 2 hours.

Amsterdam is not only the capital of the Netheralnds, Amsterdam is also a worldwide beloved place! During the centurier of Amsterdam’s presence, many legends and stories have arised. One of these fascinating stories is the story of one of the best painters Rembrandt van Rijn. During this escape tour you will be looking for the secret escape hidden in Amsterdam together with Rembrandt. Will you be able to find the escape in time? 

The legend of the secret escape of Amsterdam evolved in the Golden ages. Amsterdam was one of the most prosperous cities in the world at that time and mostly the nobles were the one profiting from this welfare. These nobles would make us of a special and secret escape somewhere in Amsterdam. However, Rembrandt couldn’t figure out on his own where this escape would be located. Therefore, he asks you to help him and to find the secret escape on time! The vogaye of discovery will start at the Rembrandtsplein.

Imagine yourself back in time, follow the instructions and complete the assignment. Will be you able to have the fastest time and cover up a place in our Wall of Fame? Accept the challenges and book now!

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The Escape Tour Amsterdam:

Duration: 2 hours

Persons: 2-4 personsn per team

Price: €29,95 per group

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