Amsterdam Prosecco Bike

From €26,50 per person 

Good to know: 

The Amsterdam Bubbles Bike includes:

> 90 minutes (1,5 hrs) of fun                                                                            > unlimited Prosecco                                                                                        > room up to 17 people                                                                                    > guide                                                                                                                  > wind or rain protection


  Up to 6 people (total price) – €300,00

€  Between 7 and 8 people (total price) – €350,00

€  Between 9 and 12 people (total price) – €400,00

€  Between 13 and 17 people (total price) – €450,00

Unlimited drinking and unlimited fun!

Fitted out for comfort, enriched with bottles of Prosecco, and accompanied by a friendly guide: the Pedal Bike of DamTours has everything to kick off your party! Cheers together to a fun afternoon in the beautiful city of Amsterdam while you let the guide show you the way.

Booze Bike Fun!

Combining laughter, drinks, and open-air, DamTours has been offering this unique Amsterdam experience for more than 15 years for almost every possible occasion. From stag/hen parties, to business outings or family outings, we’ve seen it all! Our guides know all the streets of Amsterdam and will map out the best route for you, right through the blossoming Amsterdam-North.

Unlimited place! 

No matter how big or small your group is, DamTours’ beer bikes have already seen every possible group size, so even with impossibly big groups, we have a solution.

You also don’t have to worry about a shortage of booze or other drinks, because the pedal pubs do not only carry lots of fun with them but also (way too much) Bubbles and drinks.

An empty glass is something we’ll make sure you won’t see very often during the tour!

Are you looking for other festive activities in Amsterdam? DamTours offers many more activities on the bikes, on the water or in the city centre. Take a look at our activities page for many more fun days out. For every occasion, you can contact us!


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