Sailing ship Kaat Mossel

A classic sailing trip on the Kaat Mossel

About the sailing ship Kaat Mossel

The two-masted clipper called Kaat Mossel is a beautiful and graceful, yet a spirited sailing ship! On our ship you can escape the busy city and relax on the many waters that the Netherlands has to offer.
The Kaat Mossel is a large ship with a length of 28 meters and a beam of 5.5 meters. It is a slender ship and can therefore reach high speeds.
This spacious ship has a good accommodation. On the lower deck you will find a comfortable day room with a well-equipped galley, cabins with optimal daylight and sufficient sanitary facilities for 20 people! There is always room to enjoy the fore, middle or aft deck of the ship on the top deck!
In short, the Kaat Mossel is a graceful sailing ship with enough comfortable space for you and your party on the Dutch waters!

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Extra information:
The maximum number of people: 29 guests

Package prices for the group accommodations incl. use of the galley:
A day trip (10 am – 4 pm) – €1350.00
A weekend trip (Friday 8pm – Sunday 4pm) – €3300.00
A midweek trip (Monday 10am – Friday 4pm) – €3750.00
A week trip (7 days) – €5200,00

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