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Damtours Events likes to do something special in mobility, whether by bicycle, bus or boat.

We focus now only on bikes!
work partime, its easy with us!
This can be realized on a contract or self-employed basis. The challenge that looks ahead to you is;

Enjoy and give:
That you give people a nice day ,
That you are a team player who makes it a challenge.
You are there for each other and solve any problems.
You are part of a team that does not shy away from accountability and you go for the highest achievable that can be achieved.
If there is some one sick one day, and you are free that day..we can call you to assist us to make the best that day!

Become a owner!
You can become your own boss! How? take over the franchise and rent out beerbike & Proseccobikes with a bookingsoftware and our KNOWLEDGE! .
We will support it if you take responsibility and effort to look first after our clients today!


Do you want a challenge?
Do you want an internship?
Do you want to learn something?
Do you want to get rid of the nagging about your education?
Do you want to roll up your sleeves and go for it?
Do you want to get everything out of it?
Do you want to earn money?
Do you want a nice internship?
Would you like tea or coffee?

Is it a yes…..above? email us!

We are unique just like you!
You, as an intern, can be part of that.
Fresh eyes and new ideas can bring you into the group that you have already gained during your vocational training, put them into practice!
Participate in new activities to make our commitment a unique experience for our participants!

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Job offer

Vacant: Beer Bike Driver A’dam
Vacant: Beerbike driver R’dam
Vacant: Beerbike driver Antwerp
Vacant:Manager opp. A’dam

Location: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and for rent on location throughout the Netherlands. (Then you take the bus and trailer and drive it to the location)
No BE driving license? You can get that with us!

Beer bike driver rides a fixed route with the beer bike in the city or village. You bring the beer bike from the storage shed to the starting location. The duration depends on the location, but a maximum of 1.5 /3 hours/ a whole day.

You welcome our guests at the starting location and ensure that everything is ready for groups at the start, sometimes it is prosecco, but often also beer or a combination of both.
Cycle with the groups and afterward bring the bicycle back to the storage place and leave it clean and tidy for the next performance.

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Job offer

Hostess/Guide for Beer & Prosecco Bus Amsterdam

Will you be our hostess on the beer bus/prosecco bus in Amsterdam? The only beer, prosecco bus where hospitality is high to please the guests. It is about giving a unique experience that is superb!
You support our bus driver as a guide. You are a team player to make it the best team building or bachelor day.
You will help with the general issues that arise. Together we go out and make a nice tour that is unique and cannot be copied! Are you the one who can work part-time? This can be realized on a contract or self-employed basis. More toppers (m / v) are needed to be able to perform this

Ready? Ready for this new challenge?
We are looking forward to your arrival!

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