A beer bike tour is a unique, fun way to explore a city with friends, family, or even colleagues. Combining sightseeing with the casual, social atmosphere of a bar, it’s no wonder that beer bikes have become a popular activity for tourists and locals alike. But, one question that often arises is, how many people can you fit on a beer bike?

The Standard Capacity of a Beer Bike

The capacity of a beer bike typically depends on the design of the bike and the company that operates the tour. However, most beer bikes are designed to accommodate between 10 to 17 people.

Damtours: A Party on Wheels

Damtours, a leading beer bike tour provider in Amsterdam, has well-crafted beer bikes designed for group enjoyment. Their bikes can comfortably seat up to 17 people, including the designated driver. This capacity makes them an excellent choice for larger groups looking to celebrate special occasions or just to have a fun-filled day exploring the city.

Factors Influencing the Capacity of a Beer Bike

Although the design of the beer bike primarily determines its capacity, there are other factors to consider:

  1. Safety Regulations: Safety always comes first. The number of passengers on a beer bike must meet the safety standards set by local authorities.
  2. Comfort: Overcrowding can spoil the fun. There should be enough space for all participants to sit comfortably and enjoy their beer.
  3. Driver: Every beer bike comes with a designated driver, usually provided by the company. The driver ensures the safety of the group while navigating the city streets.

Booking a Beer Bike Tour

Remember that it’s always best to book in advance, especially if you’re planning to go on a beer bike tour with a large group. This way, the beer bike company can prepare and ensure that everyone can be accommodated comfortably and safely.


In summary, the number of people you can fit on a beer bike typically ranges from 10 to 17, depending on the beer bike’s design and the operating company’s rules. If you’re in Amsterdam and looking for a unique group activity, Damtours has got you covered with their beer bikes designed to carry up to 17 people.


What is the maximum capacity of a Damtours beer bike?

Damtours beer bikes can comfortably seat up to 17 people, including the driver.

Does the driver count towards the beer bike’s capacity?

Yes, the driver is included in the capacity count for a beer bike.

Can I book a beer bike for a large group?

Absolutely! Beer bikes like those from Damtours are perfect for larger groups. However, it’s advisable to book in advance to ensure availability.

Are there safety measures in place on a beer bike?

Definitely. Safety is paramount on a beer bike tour. Apart from a sober, designated driver, safety measures include regular maintenance of the bikes and adherence to local safety regulations.

Can I hire more than one beer bike if my group is larger than 17?

Yes, most beer bike companies, including Damtours, can accommodate larger groups by providing multiple bikes. Always check with the company ahead of time to arrange this.

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